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10 Pages to Download Music Free And Legally

Do you want to download mp3 music without programs? Here you will find the best MP3 music free download pages. Today we have thousands of platforms available to listen to songs, however, many users prefer to download the mp3 music at home. For this you need a safe place to download music and this is what we are going to explain in this guide.

Currently, free downloads are seen normally on the Internet. Thousands of users use pages to download their favorite songs and among the most used are the pages that we leave below. It should be noted that the most downloaded audios are those in mp3 or mp4 format, and even video.

What are MP3 and MP4 Music Downloads?

The mp3 and mp4 music formats are a type of digital audio understanding. These have an operation through the loss algorithm, that is, a format that allows reducing the weight of the song or the file, being much easier to store.

The mp3 and mp4 format is very common and is used to store music on the PC, in the different players or mobiles, tablets or laptops. An mp3 file takes up to 10 times less than a regular music file or CD.

None of the platforms presented today, such as Spotify or iTunes, have not achieved half the popularity that the mp3 and mp4 format has achieved.

What Kinds of Audio – Music Formats Are There?

Now we are going to explain the differences between downloading music in mp3, mp4 and AVI for free and so you can know the characteristics of each one of them.

Audio in mp3 format: Abbreviation MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. The mp3 format was born out of the need to store a large number of files in small formats that, once unzipped, could be listened to. Mp3 music download works by reducing the size of the original file by cutting the audio signals into fragments that are inaudible to the person (although it loses some quality). This format allows reducing up to 85% of the original.

Audio in mp4 Format: Abbreviation MPEG-4 Part 14. They are formats in which video goes on one side and audio on the other. They are files with more quality than mp3 and that can be transferred over the Internet. This format is used to download free music from different platforms.

Audio in AVI Format: This format was created to save movies, videos and songs in smaller formats and with the highest possible quality. The AVI can be stored in several different formats: AC3, DivX, or even mp3.

How to Download Music?

Here we are going to teach you how to download free music in mp3. It is so simple that you only have to write the name of the song you want to download and it will automatically do so. We have left you the trusted websites so that you do not have any problem with viruses and, an important thing, is that the songs you download are free of rights.

Another way that we are going to teach you is to download music from YouTube. Below you will see a list with all the alternatives that you have available and which one is the best in our opinion. You will only have to take the URL (copy) and paste it in the drawer so that it begins to download the mp3 music directly.

The online platforms that you will find below are for free music downloads, so if you want to listen to music online, you better go to platforms like Sportify Premium or Itunes.


We begin our review of the best pages to download music talking about Jamendo, which is a page as well as an application that has more than 500,000 songs to download, from 40,000 different artists from 150 countries, so it is undoubtedly one of the best places for you to download music, in addition to listening and sharing it.

The site was born in 2004 under the Creative Commons license, but now it advertises its music as “Free Streaming / Free Download” for personal use and the tracks are released under a free license. It offers a good selection of music tracks of any genre with the possibility of unlimited downloading on any platform.

Ideal for those looking for new talents, with previously unreleased songs, who have given up on copyrights to make themselves known faster. Using the Radio function, new songs are continuously proposed according to the chosen category, without manually scrolling, song by song.


Noisetrade is one of the best music download sites on the web. You can get tracks and albums by independent artists simply by entering the page by selecting their name and seeing their page open within Noisetrade. Basically, it allows us to get to know countless artists, regardless of the fact that we can also search for those in whom we are interested. Of course, to be able to use NoiseTrade and download the themes, you must be a registered user.

The site also lets you share the artists you like by posting a post on social media like Facebook and Twitter. The user interface is clean, simple and visual, which makes the site really enjoyable.

In addition, while you are searching and downloading songs, you can also see the video of the song that you are going to download and others that are by the same artist, which appear embedded directly from YouTube.


We continue to see which are the best pages to download music on our mobile device and of course, we have to talk about Mp3Skull, a page that allows us to download songs in MP3 format with an interface that is really easy to use.

When you enter MP3Skull you realize that a music search engine appears at the top so that there cannot be an easier method to find the song you want to download. You can search thousands or even millions of songs through its powerful music database and you have an option available to publish it on your own blog or website. Each MP3 contains basic information such as bit rate, duration, and file size. To get the songs, right-click and tap “Save Target As”. Another great feature of MP3skull is that it allows you to save audio files in the cloud.


EMP3World is a unique music download site. It allows visitors to modify the content of the website. On the home page, you can find that EMP3World lists all the popular music and the latest loaded MP3 files, so you can search for the song in the EMP3World engine.

The download process is easier. All you have to do is click the “Download” button. As a follower of popular music, you will not miss the latest songs from EMP3World. Also, the site supports online music playback.


Musopen, like Public Domain 4U, provides music with expired copyright. On the site’s page they say: “We provide recordings, sheet music and textbooks to the public free of charge, without copyright restrictions. In short, our mission is to release music «. It is then clear to us that we will be able to find.

In Musopen you can search music by composer, performer, instrument or period. And it’s great, especially if you’re looking for classical music.


Reaching the top of the charts is not easy. Purevolume helps promote people who are relatively unknown in the music world, as a social media platform where listeners and artists can create profiles and discuss their musical interests. Listeners can also write about their favorite artists and share songs with friends, or they can have direct contact with the artists to talk about their favorite songs. Similarly, artists can write updates on their music and reach a growing fan base.

All downloads are legal, and while most songs are free, there are some “premium” songs that users can buy or listen to free on the site. Artists can upload music and create a custom profile without spending anything, and Users can filter search results for certain songs, names, or genres. PureVolume is a great way to meet artists you never would have discovered on other sites and download their music.

Music + Box

Another page that we want to recommend so that we can download all the music is Music + Box, which in fact has one of the largest music libraries on the entire internet. To use this website it is not necessary to register.

All you have to do to find your songs on Music + Box is enter the page and you will notice how the songs are listed next to a button that says “Download”. You look for the ones that interest you, download them and that’s it! At first, the page may seem somewhat disorganized, or rather, something saturated with so many themes one after another, but the truth is that it is one of the best options for those who want to download music safely and free of charge.

Of course, you have to know that only the download of unknown artists is free, since if you want to download songs from famous artists you will see how it redirects us to have to buy the song.


Although YouTube does not allow you to download the music from its videos directly, we can do it using third parties. In this way you can copy the URL of the video that contains the song you want and search for any online portal that allows us to download songs from YouTube or we can also enter a page such as Freemake YouTube to MP3 with which we will be able to download all the music that we want from YouTube to our device. As this you can also use 4K Video Downloader and CripGrab.


Vimeo may sound more like a place to watch music videos and also those with more diverse content, but we can also recommend it as a page to download music. In your case, we find a very extensive music library that will allow us to download all kinds of music.

To download the music from Vimeo, you have to “click” on the green icon that you will see that appears next to each song. You will have to register or if you do not want to register as a user, you can do something else.


Although it may not seem like it, Wikipedia also allows us to download music. It may not be the songs of the moment, or those that are in the list of successes, but it is a perfect option for all those who are lovers of classical music, being able to download works by Vivaldi or Beethoven.

All songs are downloaded in OGG audio format, accessing through the url of the song you want to download that will open in another browser tab. You can then listen to the song or right click and select “Save link as …” and in this way you will download the song without any problem.