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How to Download, Install And Configure KODI for Android Free

Kodi is a multimedia center with which all kinds of content can be played. Our technical experts at have put together the following easy guide to download and configure Kodi for Android and install and configure Kodi Addons or Add-ons.

With these Kodi Addons addons you will be able to play series, movies or listen to music, watch soccer games and other sports, among many other functions on your mobile and that we will show you next.

But before, we are going to put you in a little situation for those newbies who do not know what Kodi and its famous Addons are.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an application with which you are going to be able to turn your PC or computer into a multimedia center to be able to see all kinds of multimedia content and content. Kodi is the worthy successor to the famous XBMC or XBox Media Center application, which was with that name until 2014.

Kodi has a great advantage and is that it is code is free (under the GNU / GPL license), this means that all Internet users have access to its source code and thus be able to adapt it to any operating system or device. That is why Kodi not only has versions for Android, but also for GNU / Linux, iOS, macOS, Raspberry Pi.

Another feature of Kodi is that it is fully configurable and can be adapted to suit the user. In addition to being able to change the interface to your liking, it also has a system of add-ons, reason for this guide, with which you can add different types of functions.

What are Kodi Add-ons?

The Kodi Add-ons will allow you, among many other things, to watch Kodi on different television channels through the Internet. The Add-ons have thousands of functions but among the most famous we find the connection to services such as YouTube, Plex or SoundCloud; learn about weather forecasts and other Add-ons to listen to the radio and access services hosted in the cloud. Among the most famous Add-ons we find:

Is Kodi legal? This is what the creators say about the Addons

Kodi is a simple, completely legal media player and the problem is with third-party addons. As it is open source, anyone can access the source code to develop their own add-on plugins that are beyond the control of the creators.

Download Kodi Free for an Android mobile and tablet

To have Kodi on your Android mobile you will have to download the free application that is available both on Google Play and on its official website ( and that is created by the XBMC Foundation.

For this you have to click here and it will take you directly to the original and safe Kodi application on Google Play. Once downloaded, you will only have to install Kodi as I show you in the following photo:

How to install Kodi if the mobile is not compatible with Google Play?

It may happen that your mobile is not compatible with Google Play, so you will have to download the Kodi APK file and that you will find on its official website: (copy and paste in your mobile browser) .

Of course, you must allow your mobile to install applications from “Unknown sources” which is done as follows: Settings-> Security and activate the “Unknown sources” option.

Once you do these steps you can now download the Kodi APK and install it on your mobile.

How to set up Kodi on an Android mobile phone

Change interface language

The first thing you have to do when you want to configure Kodi for Android is to change the language. By default, and even if you download the application from Google Play, Kodi comes in English. We recommend changing the language of the app so that you can understand this multimedia center.

Open the settings tab, you can see it because it is a cogwheel at the top of the Kodi app and click on the “Settings” section. Then click on “Interface Settings” and “Regional”. Select “Language” and choose the language you want, as we do below:

Set up Kodi to add content

If you want to be able to enjoy Kodi and all its potential, you must indicate the program where the content you want to play is stored. In other words, tell Kodi where the videos and multimedia files are stored on your Android phone, which are normally found inside the SD card so that Kodi can classify video and sound files.

To indicate what has been previously mentioned to Kodi, you must go to the gear wheel icon that is in the upper left part of the screen and, once opened, click on “Content adjustment”.

There you will find several sections: “Videos”, “Music” and “Images”. Select one of those contents to add, for example, the videos, …

Then select the microSD card if that’s where the multimedia content is located, or select the section where the files you want to add to Kodi are stored. Once you choose the location or card where the files are, you have to select the folder you want that contains the chosen content by clicking on it. Once this is done, a box will appear where you must choose the option that says “Scan for collection”.

In addition to doing it manually, you can configure Kodi to do it automatically every X time and periodically scan the folder you have selected so that it updates its database. Thus, when you open the Kodi app you will be able to see all the files that the app has been adding automatically and without the need to carry out the previous process.


Kodi is able to catalog the selected and saved content and you will be able to see the different categories created for your files. You have the option to choose how each content is displayed.

How can you do that? You have to select “Options” and select how everything is displayed. An example: Go to movies and select “Options” that appear in the lower left corner of the mobile screen. You are going to check how a side panel opens and there you are going to be able to choose how you want the content to be displayed.

With this you will be able to identify the content you have in one step and you can quickly play it from Kodi. It is also compatible with the vast majority of video, image and audio formats.