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Some Best Place to Watch UFC Online Live

How to see the UFC live in Spain and anywhere in the world Online? If you are a sports fan of the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship, it may be difficult for you to find a place to watch the fights since it is a sport that is not very widespread in our country. That is why we have brought you together from the best sites and pages to see UFC online live that do work.

These pages can be seen from the computer and even from your television if it is a Smart TV, but also on other devices such as a tablet, mobile if they can play in flash.

Available Ways to View UFC Over The Internet

Streaming: The streaming websites play or distribute the videos of the live fights. In order to see the UFC on these websites in streaming, it is necessary to have a browser that supports flash and, as a recommendation of the technicians, to have a free VPN installed for PC – Computer. It is important that you know that the proper functioning of streaming websites is subject to the number of people who are connected at the same time and that is why many platforms “cap” or limit the audience.

P2P TV: P2P or peer to peer are networks that distribute videos using computers that connect to these sites and function as servers and clients at the same time. This helps make the UFC fights much more stable and of higher quality. For example we have Acestream, IPTV, or Sopcast among the most famous.

Where to Watch The UFC Fights


DAZN is a streaming broadcast operator that has recently arrived in Spain and is of British origin and that broadcasts sports events live in different countries, in addition to our country such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Canada or Japan. and that he is in charge of broadcasting the MotoGP World Championship 2020 live exclusively for the next 4 seasons to come.

DAZN is known as the Netflix of sport since it is a very similar business. For a payment of € 4.99 a month you can enjoy all the sport and without permanence.

UFC 2020 in DAZN: price

As we have mentioned before, the price of DAZN is 4.99 euros per month and has no permanence. DAZN is a very cheap service that users can access to watch UFC Online fights.

Watch UFC with open DAZN

In addition, and as with Netflix, you can watch DAZN for free and it has a 30-day trial period. Although you will have to register with a user and add a payment method so that, after 30 days, they can pass you the first monthly fee. Although you can reject it so that they do not pass that quota (you must put a notice to cancel the account and that they do not pass that quota of 4.99 euros).

You can use the trick if you have several cards and create as many users as you have cards. Of course, taking into account that after 30 days they will pass the fee.

Movistar Plus: Movistar UFC

Since the UFC is not a very famous sport in our country, Movistar does not have a specific channel to watch the UFC as if it had soccer: Watch Soccer on Movistar Plus. What it does do is retransmit, on some occasions, the occasional UFC fight on its Eurosport channel, but in order to access this channel you must have contracted the sports pack.

Pages to see the UFC online and live

Direct red

We started the list with the legendary RojaDirecta, a website that has been online since 2005 and became famous for broadcasting football games. Such was its relevance that it was taken to mobile phones creating RojaDirecta for Android. Little by little new sports were included among which we can see the UFC online for free from the PC.

The operation of RojaDirecta is very simple. You just have to enter the website (I leave the link below) and look for the link of the UFC fight and click on it. A new window will open, you wait for the advertising to pass and you can now enjoy the combat.


MamaHD is a website that broadcasts all sports online for free, including soccer, boxing, MotoGP and where you can watch UFC fights for free online.

Mama HD is a perfect website, without intrusive advertising, where you will practically have no cuts to see the UFC. The site is as follows: If you copy and paste the url that I leave below in your browser, the UFC fight will appear and they will broadcast live and be able to see it.

Pirlo TV

Pirlo TV is another of the places that you can watch the UFC for free online from your PC. Pirlo TV was born as a perfect alternative to Rojadirecta, broadcasting soccer games and that, little by little, has been improving its service including new sports, among which is the UFC.

Pirlo TV has 20 channels among which you will be able to watch the UFC fights and more sports, such as the MotoGP World Cup, watch the Champions League matches To access the fight you will have to find the link and click on it and the fight will appear.


Ustream is another of the web pages where you can watch UFC battles online for free and live. It has a wide variety of channels that broadcast all kinds of sports and works perfectly as it is a page that uses P2P technology, which will help the page to never hang while you watch the fight.

In Ustream it is usual to find almost all fights although, as a general rule, they usually broadcast those that are the most important. UFC Live Streaming UFC Live Streaming is a high quality website that broadcasts all UFC fights live. As it is a foreign page, we recommend having a free VPN installed on your PC to detect the foreign IP and thus be able to watch the UFC fight live for free.

As we have said, it has a good quality and, in our opinion, it has one of the best and most intuitive interfaces on the list. The only downside is that the comments are in English or in the language of the channel that broadcasts the fight.

AchoTV UFC Network

AchoTV UFC Network is another option that we recommend to watch the UFC for free online and live. AchoTV is a website that has a fairly simple interface to use, so finding the UFC fight you want to see will be very easy.

AchoTV is not only a website that offers UFC fights, it is also a site that has several channels with different national and international sports among which we find soccer, NBA. is a well-known website for soccer lovers, although lately it has not been visited much because there are better ones, but a very favorable point is that it has the broadcast of UF fights live and for free. has specialized in this sport, becoming a reference website for watching the UFC. In fact, if you enter its main page you can see that it promotes these fights, also having a panel dedicated to the next fights. 100% recommendable.

Sport Online HD UFC

UFC Ao Vivo Na TV

UPDATED: Currently the page remains closed, as soon as we have news of it we will notify you. UFC Ao Vivo Na TV is another foreign website (in this case from Portugal) where you can watch UFC fights for free online and in streaming with very good quality. For this reason we advise you to have a free VPN installed on your PC in order to enjoy fighting. We highlight its quality in streaming.

UFC Ao Vivo Na TV has another of the most intuitive interfaces on the list and finding the fight, despite being in Portuguese, is very easy to find.

UFC Network on TV Player Latino

UPDATED: Currently the page remains closed, as soon as we have news of it we will notify you.

4 Feed4U UFC MMA Live Streaming

UPDATED: Currently the page remains closed, as soon as we have news of it we will notify you.


UPDATED: Currently the Redstream page is not available as it has been closed.