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Best Alternatives of Popcorn Time to Watch Free Movies Online

Watching sports online with best games spilling locales is one of the most exciting things. Be that as it may, spilling your preferred Movies and sit in front of the TV shows online is constantly recommended as the best thing you can do together for breathing easy with all your friends and family. There are numerous sites or applications that will assist you with streaming your preferred films or TV shows for nothing. Be that as it may, as there are loads of alternatives to browse, it is hard to select the best one. Popcorn time is perhaps the best stage from where you can stream your preferred shows and motion pictures for nothing on your gadget in a hurry. Be that as it may, it likewise truly makes bore to spilling things from a solitary stage, so as a ton of you were requesting the options of Popcorn Time. So here we have accompanied an article of best choices of Popcorn Time to watch films online with some best free film gushing destinations.

Here in this article, you will get all the arrangements of the best choices of Popcorn time that you can have on your gadget to online stream TV shows and motion pictures for nothing. The options in contrast to Popcorn time have the absolute best assortments of the two motion pictures and TV shows that everybody will love to watch. Each stage that we have referenced here have various highlights making you experience something other than what’s expected on each application or site you have decided to go with. So we should examine the in case of the options of Popcorn time.


This is again a torrent streaming application like the Zona website. Well, this app was created the first time when Popcorn Time app broke down due to some error, so to pick up the pace Flixtor have launched their application allowing users to stream free movies and TV shows. So Flixtor has given almost all the features of the Popcorn Time to make the users feel that they are using the Popcorn time app with another name. So this website and application have been listed in the list of our best alternatives of Popcorn Time. Like the other alternatives, they also have huge collections of movies, TV shows, music, channels and much more. But the only issue is that, as most of the movies or shows are shared by torrent, it is necessary for all the users to use the VPN changer tool to stay on the safe side.

Now the application is available on both Android and iOS platform legally which means you don’t need to download the apk file to install the app, you can get the app on both Play Store and App market. But this website is also now powered with the Fandango website where you can stream movies, purchase movie tickets for your nearby theatre, news regarding movies and much more. So Fandango is also another online streaming website where you can directly stream movies from your browser and no need of the application. But if you want to use the Flixtor then you will need to have an application on your device to stream your favorite movies or TV shows.

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Couch Potato:

Couch Potato is actually built based on Mac OS, but now the service is also available on your Windows PC. So for all the Mac users, as they are unable to use the Rox player, Zona website on their device, Couch Potato would be a treat for you. So now you can stream a wide range of your favorite movies or shows in High definition let you be Mac or Windows user. The best features of this website are that you can even download your favorite Shows from your favorite TV channels or movies on your device and watch it later with no hassle. Yes, you can download files for free with ni kind of charges. Couch Potato comes for free, but yet if you want to donate to the service then you can donate some amount for the betterment of the website by going to the Donate category of the website.

When it comes to features you can also try out the subtitle features which will let you stream movies or TV shows from a different region. The subtitle is very strongly programmed that it delivers subtitle at the correct time of the scene, not before the dialogue or not after the dialogue. The only flaws of the Couch Potato are that you can not access the whole collection of the website until and unless you use VPN changer tool, as most of the movies or TV shows are geographically banned in particular location. So simply use VPN and access to every collection of this website and enjoy your TV shows or movies in a single place on your device for free.

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Yify Movies: 

This is an online free movie streaming website to watch free movies, a TV series in one place. The interface of this website is pretty simple and is similar to the Netflix, so if you are familiar using the Netflix then you will also feel the same using the YifyMovies website. This website has bundles of movies, TV series which you can stream for free of cost, simply click on the poster of the movie or TV series that you want to stream and then click on the Play button to stream the movies online. Yes, you can also check out the rating of the movie before streaming it online on the right corner of the movie poster. Also, you will know about the quality of the movies or Series if it is HD or Cam recorded. In the homepage of this website, you will also see movies placed beautifully in many categories like Featured movies, Yify Movies special, Yify TV series special and New episodes.

Also, you can sort the lists of Shows or movies according to the alphabets and you can also sort the result using the genre of the movie or you can select by the released year. Scroll down the website and you will also get the most viewed movies in the list, so you can check them out if you haven’t streamed those movies. They update the collections every week so that you can get new episodes or new movies every week to stream in your free time.


This is another free application to stream free movies and TV series on the go on your device. When it comes to collections Showbox has one of the best collection of movies in the market. Even though if you are searching for movies and not able to get on any of the online streaming websites, you will obviously get it on the Showbox. Not only, you will get vast collections of movies but you will also able to stream lots of TV series for free from different channels. Like the other online streaming sites or apps, Showbox also gets all their content by BitTorrent, so while streaming you may use VPN tool on your device to stay safe.

This application was first developed for an iOS device but now it supports on Blackberry, iOS, and Mac, you can simply install and then start streaming TV shows for free on your device. But now this application is also available for Android device, the only thing is that you will need to download the apk file and then install it on your device. Speaking about the interface, it is very simple and you get all the special description of a movie or TV shows under the poster which gives you disclaimer before you start streaming it. The best part is that you will also get premium shows on this website which you originally need to stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime etc.

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TorrentTV is an online torrent streaming website where you can stream your favorite movies on the go. This application supports even on Chromecast and on Roku, so now you can stream your favorite movies on every screen like TV, your PC etc. All the files of this service are torrent related, so if you are streaming from this website then you shall use the VPN tool on your device to stream your favorite movies safely.

Speaking about the interface, it is one of the simplest interfaces you can ever have with all the movies listed in the homepage in perfect category. You can also search your favorite movies by selecting your favorite genre or the release date of the year. The only flaws of this service are that there is no application for mobile phones so you can not have this system on your Android or iOS device. Overall the features and interface of this website is very simple and works smoothly with all kinds of device.

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Viewster is one of the best popcorn time alternatives which you would love to use. We are pretty sure that after visiting and using this platform you won’t be disappointed at all. After landing on their homepage you will see a simple yet useful menu which consists of Channels, Browse, My Videos and Blog option. The first option i.e. Channel is very entertaining because there are many Channel of creators around the world and different categories like comedy, gaming, pranks, movie trailers, viral videos, animation and much more. After that, there is Browse option where you can choose your favorite categories like Anime, Sci-Fi, Action, Horror, Drama, Comedy, Animation and many more.

After choosing your favorite category you can see the huge collection of Movies and Series. Before watching any series or Movie, just hover over the poster and you can see all the details like Release country, Year of release, Total number of episodes if it is a series and synopsis of the storyline.  Now after choosing any movie or series just click on it and a video player will open and you can enjoy your favorite content there. Below the video player, there are plenty of details like Language, Director, Cast, Brief storyline and much more. Viewster is also available on the Google Play store for Android smartphone and on Apple store for iOS powered devices which makes it enjoyable on the go. If you don’t want to watch anything then you read some interesting and entertaining articles on their dedicated Blog section too.

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Epix is a very less known but great source of entertainment which comes with a plenty of useful features. Basically, it comes with premium subscription but you can enjoy their 14 days free trials as well their contents too. It is an online TV or in other words video on demand service.  After landing on their homepage you can see their detailed menu which includes Originals, Movies, Collections, and Schedule. By original they mean Epix original series and shows which are exclusively available on this platform and you won’t find it anywhere. Next, you can browse their movie section where you can see lots of genres like Action, Comedy, Drama, Crime, Romance and all the common stuff. You can just use the filter option and find your desired movie easily.

After that, there is Collections option where you will find an interesting filter option to find Movies or anything as per your requirement. Below there are movies showcased where you can check their story synopsis, genre, watch option, queue and movie trailers too. You can check out their schedule there on the site itself. Well, there is one search option to on the top right corner to enter the name of the movie and hit enter to get results. After finding your favorite content just click on the poster and a detailed page will be loaded instantly. There you can see ratings, trailer, year of release, total runtime, information regarding the cast and crew. If you liked any movie then you can share the same using the options given below to let others know what you have watched which they can enjoy too.

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Vudu is undoubtedly one of the top alternatives to Popcorn time which you would love to use and enjoy. This is not just made for movies but to enjoy Tv shows too. It has a simple menu of Movies, TV, My Vudu, and Movies on Us option. Naturally, Vudu is a paid service like Netflix but you can enjoy the free trial and enjoy many free movies easily. This site is quite professional in terms of design and user interface. After visiting their official website where you can see a menu with 4 options which include Movies, TV, My Vudu, and Movies on Us. We recommend you to visit the Movies On Us section where you can enjoy movies and shows picked by them.  Below the menu, there is one slider which will showcase latest movies which are added recently and currently trending on the net.

Below the slider, there are movies which are available to watch. Do you know you can watch movies High definition and also in 4k Ultra HD quality too? Isn’t it amazing? Just hover on any movies poster and you can see the details like Release date, ratings as well you can watch the trailer too. There are many movies which are available for free but they will show some ads which may be irritating for you, but still, overall you can and enjoy. We are pretty sure that after watching a free movie you will surely watch other premium movies with rental option too thanks to the great user experience. Vudu is available for Android, iOS and Windows-powered smartphones too.

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Butter Project:

Butter Project is simple and worth using platform for watching movies and videos legally. This is supported by almost every platform like Android 4.0 and higher, iOS 7 or higher, Windows XP and higher, Linux 32 bit, Mac OSX 10.7 or higher and 64 bit Linux. So, it does not matter where you want to use Butter Project because it has universal support which makes it a must-have application and alternative of Popcorn time. The main intention of this site is to provide the users with free movies and Tv series. You don’t have to worry about the legal issues like Copyright or anything. The library of movies and TV series on Butter project is so huge that you will be confused about which one to choose to watch. All the movies are available in High Definition and with subtitles of different languages.

All these movies or TV series is legal as you already know and it is completely free to watch. Just open butter on your device where you have downloaded it and search for your favorite movie or series. After that choose your preferred quality and subtitles in case you need and hit the play button. So, the moral of the story is, if you are looking for a movie or TV streaming platform which is legal and comes without cost then ButterTime is the perfect choice for you. Without any further delay download it now on your Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux or in the iOS-powered device.


Well, watching movies sometimes may become boring and you may like to try something different. In that case, animated movies and anime videos come to our mind. But which site is suitable for finding some best anime contents? The answer is, Crunchyroll. For all the Anime lovers, Crunchyroll can be the one-stop destination to watch free anime online for sure. You will get various options on the menu section like Shows, Manga, News, Forums, and Premium. The shows option is given to exploring all the anime titles along with a number of shows available to watch and many sorting options. Just click on any title and you will be presented to the all the shows available of that particular show. You can read reviews and comments to know how other users liked the shows. You can even add these shows to queue to watch later on and make a collection.

Next, on the menu, there is a Manga option which consists of tons of manga comics which you can choose and start reading. Just click on any comic and you will get all the chapters one by one. On the right-hand side, you can check out all the information related to those comics easily to know the storyline. After that, this site also provides the latest news related to anime and manga which may be interesting for you too. They have a paid membership option too which offers ad-free videos and access to all the manga comics. You can enjoy anime and manga on your Android and iOS smartphone or tablet by downloading their official app for free.

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Cinema Box HD is among the great contenders of Popcorn time alternatives here in this list. Talking about its specifications, it has all the options which movie lovers wish to have on an entertaining app. This app lets the users stream and watch their favorite movies easily on their smartphone, currently, they also supported by Chromecast which a welcome feature for sure. After installing and opening the app you can see lots of available movies ready to stream and watch. Not only Movies but Tv shows and anime are also available on Cinema box HD app. The best feature of this app is you do not have to pay a single penny for any subscription or rental at all. The Cinema Box HD app is available for both Android andiOS-powered smartphones.

After downloading and installing the app, tap on the app icon and you can see a bunch of movies is available to watch. Just click on any of the movie and a new page will be loaded with all the other available information like the story, star cast, ratings, language, and total run time. You can even share which movie you are watching on your social profiles easily using the sharing option given below. So, all you have to do is find a good movie and click on the play button to start the streaming instantly. They offer an inbuilt video player which have all the necessary option you need to have to control quality and other things. We hope you will enjoy using this app for sure and start using it visit their official website.

Sony Crackle:

Sony Crackle is a popular and useful app in this list of popcorn time alternatives. It is the official product of the Sony network and they have kept every single thing on mind regarding user entertainment. You can enjoy tons of Movies and TV in full HD format which is very common criteria every video streaming portal must have. Sony Crackle keeps on updating their library or movies and TV shows regularly so that the users can get fresh contents every time they use this platform. Sony Crackle is available to download and use in Android and iOS platform to enjoy video contents on the go. One con of Crackle is, all the countries do not allow using this amazing portal. But you can use any good VPN to make it work from any country you are living in without being caught by any legal stuff.

Apart from the above mentioned issue, there is another minor issue which is advertisements during the video playback which you may face. Still, it is ignore-able as you are getting some videos which are generally charged by most of the other platforms. Sony Crackle comes with an inbuilt video player which has an option like adjusting video quality; adjusting screen size, turn on or off subtitles and much more which you need to have. Sony Crackle also offers Originals which means some of the movies or shows are exclusively available on here. So, what are you waiting for? Just visit the official Crackle website or download the apps on your smartphone to enjoy hours of entertainment for free.


So, these are the best popcorn time alternatives available which you can use and enjoy unlimited Movies or TV shows. Most of the platforms support every single smart device like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux. Chrome Cast, etc. So, it does not matter which device you are using, you are all good to download apps or visit the popcorn time alternative websites to enjoy hours of entertainment. Whichever platform we have discussed above among them mostly offers their content for free but some of them may have premium subscription plans which are very low comparing to their great features. Most of the apps are available on the official Android and iOS apps market and for free which means you can always download them and try them on your app to enjoy hours of entertainment on your smartphone on the go. Do let us know which platform you loved the most and currently using as a similar site or app like popcorn time.